Traveler Guitar Introduces MI-10 Mobile Interface

Traveler Guitar MI-10 Mobile InterfaceTraveler Guitar has gotten into the mobile interface market with the MI-10, a device that connects your bass or guitar to your iOS device. Once connected, you can use your mobile device as a tuner, effects unit, recorder, and more by using various apps.

The MI-10 has a 1/4? input for your bass and a 1/8? TRRS stereo plug for connecting into the headphone jack of your iOS device. It also sports a 1/8? headphone output and a 1/4? mono output jack for plugging directly into your amp.

While the MI-10 is directed at Apple products, Traveler points out that it has many uses for non-iOS devices such as Android, BlackBerry, and any other mobile products with a headphone jack with microphone in. “While these devices do not currently support real-time playback or amp modeling applications, you can use the MI-10 with various voice recording applications, chromatic tuner apps, and multi-track recording apps,” the company stated. They added that as new operating system updates for these products are released, the latency is expected to improve and more useful applications will be developed.

The Traveler Guitar MI-10 Mobile Interface is available now from their website for $24.99.

Traveler Guitar MI-10 Demo:

Traveler Guitar MI-10 Specs:

  • Audio Output: 1/4? Mono Output Jack, 1/8? Stereo Output Jack
  • Instrument Input: 1/4? Mono Input Jack
  • Signal Output: 1/8? TRRS Stereo Plug
  • Dimensions: 2½? x 1¼? x ½?
  • Overall Length: 7¼?
  • Weight: .710 ounces

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