Gary Willis and Triphasic with Pat Metheny: Live (2009)

A couple of days ago, we shared a Tribal Tech video from our archives, with the band playing “The Big Wave” live in Israel.

No Treble reader Sule Sulejman Tahirovic shared this one, also featuring bassist Gary Willis with Triphasic joining forces with Pat Metheny. This was recorded during the Vitoria Gasteiz Jazz Festival in 2009.

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  1. Willis plays very fast, and a lot of notes that’s right… but he should’nt play fretless : he is completely out of tune!

    • Charles, maybe this video can change your opinion, ejoy :)

    • Thanks Gustavo for this video :)
      hey, I know he is a great technician, and he’s got his musical universe.

      But I still think what I’ve writed first … In the video with Metheny , he’s completely out of tune.
      mayby it was a bad night for him, that’s all ^^

  2. There is no other fretless player on this planet that plays more in tune than Gary! When he sounds “out of tune”, he does that with purpose! :)))

  3. I think that the what sounds out of tune is Gary’s use of a chorus effect. When the effect is turned off, his intonation sounds “spot on” to me. He’s one of the most progressive bass guitar technicians I’ve ever observed.