DunlopTV: The Marcus Miller Interview

Here’s a cool interview that DunlopTV did with Marcus Miller backstage at the San Francisco Jazz Festival. After speaking on his career a bit, Miller talks about getting his sound. The chat offers some nice insight into the bassist’s newfound use of effects and his approach to using them.

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  1. watching and listening to marcus (especially in this vid) makes my fingers tingle. must. grab. bass. now!

    • Thanks for posting brother. I was just considering by some Marcus DP Strings. Have you ever used them?

    • yo, vinny g! the only strings i’ve every used exclusively (as if i can really play) are ken smith slapmasters (.30+). very light gauge for some serious fonkin’! i’m looking at checking out those ernie ball cobalt .40s. but, with my limited chops i may just settle for some twine. that’s all deserve. can’t jam like you, bro!

  2. It makes so much sense that he can play all those wind instruments knowing that he played clarinet through college. So much damn sense.

  3. Larry

    Awesome broadcast on Marcus Miller