Krist Novoselic’s “Smell Like Teen Spirit” Bass to Be Auctioned

Krist Novoselic's "Smell Like Teen Spirit" Bass

The famed bass played by Krist Novoselic and smashed by Kurt Cobain in Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video is heading to Christie’s in London for an auction later this month.

The 1960’s Japanese Zen-On bass was bought by Novoselic from a pawn shop, because he knew it would be destroyed in the video. The body is all that’s left.

The bass was grabbed from the set by a Nirvana fan who had applied to be an extra and who appeared in the promo shoot for the song.

The auction is expected to bring in at least $24,000, with expectations that it could top $40,000. It is scheduled to take place November 29 as part of a broader entertainment memorabilia auction which will also include the Indiana Jones’s whip and the Holy Grail used in the Last Crusade film as well as Bob Dylan’s high school yearbook with a personal note written by him.

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  1. Seriously, fuck off.That was prolly worth 100 bucks, and the damaged body, kind of nothing. 24.000 on something like that is a fucking bullshit.Use that money for the people that now have no home because of Sandy.

    • It’s a piece of music history. People are free to spend their money on what they want. Whether it could be spent on better things or not could be said about most things.

    • Let me throw the troll bomb,it should be funny.And anyway,I would spend them for a Blackmachine.

    • I agree that people are free to spend money on what they want, but just because I have the right to, or I simply can, it doesn’t mean I have to do it. Imo that’s wasted money.

  2. I would put 50k down (if I had them ;) and close the bidding quick..then give that piece of history to a museum where all the compared art and modern design majors will visit, only to later keep everyone lectures about human kindness…it’s funny to see these hypocritic “pseudo-socialists” who “find out” there is suffering and misery after a great disaster like Sandy, war etc. newsflash! it’s always been out there…so if you want to abolish it, start think what YOU can do, not give oppinion what everyone else should not… live with freedom.

  3. If only he could play a bass as well as he smashed them.

  4. Ten to One the Idiot that pays that much for it Also Voted for the “O”Hole.