BassGirl: Spain

It has been a while since we featured a video of the bassist known as BassGirl. This young bassist just keeps getting better and better with each video too.

Here’s a recent video of BassGirl performing Chick Corea’s “Spain”. Also cool: her dad is the drummer.

It is so nice to see a young, up-and-coming bassist appreciating great music from before her time too. And having fun.

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  1. great! that’s what I love to see, new faces, new talent… awesome!

  2. Wow , well done, that’s such a tricky song.Very , very well done!

  3. Look out Tal Wilkenfeld.

  4. Hah! She acts like an actual bassist too! Her mannerisms crack me up but are so true.

  5. Awesome! And digging the American Deluxe J-Bass :D

  6. Great talent indeed.. She’s getting taller… :) Good folks too. She and her mom hop on TB every so often..

  7. Been a weekend warrior for many years and she cleans my clock! Good job!