Steve Lawson Releases “Nothing Can Prepare” with Saxophonist Andy Williamson

Steve Lawson & Andy Williamson: Nothing Can PrepareSteve Lawson has released a new duo album with saxophonist Andy Williamson entitled Nothing Can Prepare. The album is taken from performances captured on tour in church venues and features Lawson’s beautiful, ambient improvisation with Williamson joining in, starting from the back of the church for a gorgeous effect. While the title is taken from one of Lawson’s compositions, it fits the situation for both as the effort is also in response to Williamson’s recent kidney transplant.

“The first tune on here is built on a solo composition of mine – ‘Nothing Can Prepare’ – which was initially a meditation on the total unexpectedness of parenting, and how nothing can really prepare you for expanding your family with a new human,” Lawson explains. “Another possible take on the title is what’s happened to Andy – no-one goes through life planning for the possibility of needing a new kidney, but neither do you consider the possible amazing stories that can come from a medical intervention of that magnitude. The generosity of the donors, the serendipity of the various chains of events that something this huge sets in motion.”

Lawson is using the album to raise money to book more gigs for the duo in sacred spaces, which he says lend themselves to “using music to explore the enormity of existence.” The album is available for ?3, but purchasing it for ?10 gets you a ticket to any of the gigs they do.

Preview and download Nothing Can Prepare:

Nothing Can Prepare Track List:

  1. Nothing Can Prepare
  2. The End Of The World As We Know It Is Not The End Of The World

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