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NoahJames Guitars Introduces JENZ Bass Machine Heads

NoahJames Guitars JENZ Bass Machine Heads

NoahJames Guitars has introduced JENZ Machine Heads, a new type of bass tuning machine that the company says alleviates several issues in bass guitar design by the string to anchor at the lowest point on the machine head post.

The channel automatically wraps the string neatly to avoid sticking and slippage from winding error. It also removes tension from the headstock pulling up, which in turn reduces unwanted modal vibration from the headstock that causes pitch warble, modal dead spots, and sustain loss. This also removes the need for a string retension

The JENZ Machine Heads are designed as drop-in replacements for existing basses with “open-back, elephant-ear-style bass tuning gears.” They’re available in standard and light weight versions with either a brass or aluminum posts. Sets range from $65 to $90. For more info, check out the NoahJames website.

NoahJames JENZ Machine Heads Features:

  • Retrofits Existing Basses
  • String Channel Allows for Setting the String in Position on POst
  • Standard or Lightweight
  • Aluminum or Brass Posts