Bass of the Week: Gus Guitars G3

Gus Guitars G3 Bass

The Gus Guitars G3 is an awesome bass with futuristic aesthetic. First introduced as a 4-string model in 1996, the G3 follows the company’s G1 guitar and is constructed using a special carbon fiber over cedar technique for the body with chrome plated aluminum tube for the horns. While the features are extraordinary, they’re far from arbitrary. Gus Guitars proprietor Simon Farmer explains that the carbon fiber improves sustain and clarity while the cedar acts as a resonant tonewood. The tube is taken from his earliest prototypes.

“The tube elements on G1 and G3 instruments are made of chrome plated aluminum and are a part of the instruments’ unique history, helping to make Gus guitars distinctive,” Farmer shares. “My first prototype guitars were made from a steel tube framework (with no solid body). As I developed the designs and ideas the tube stayed, becoming a Gus trademark. They are also functional too, providing strap support and bracing against the body. Contrary to many peoples’ ideas, they don’t contribute to the sound!”

Available as a 4-, 5-, or 6-string, the G3 comes with a cocobolo fingerboard with white resin inlays that lay under the E-string on the lower half of the fingerboard and switch to under the G-string after the 12th fret. Each bass sports Gus Tube pickups and a 4-way switching system, though piezos and MIDI pickups can be added. Active electronics are also available.

For more info on available options, check out the Gus Guitars website.

Gus Guitars G3 Bass Photo Gallery:

Gus Guitars G3 Bass Specs:

  • Strings: 4, 5, or 6
  • Body: Carbon Fiber over Cedar
  • Fingerboard: Cocobolo
  • Fingerboard Radius: 12?
  • Inlays:White Resin
  • LED’s: Optional
  • Fretwire: 2.8mm x 1.4mm
  • Pickup Configuration: SS, Piezo and MIDI available
  • Switches: 4 way rotary
  • Electronics: Passive or Active
  • Machineheads: Gotoh 510
  • Knobs: Gus fluted
  • Strap Buttons: Schaller strap locks
  • Scale Length: 34?; 35? available for 5 and 6-string
  • Nut Width: 4-string: 41mm; 5-string: 45mm
  • Weight: 8 pounds / 3.6 kg
  • Finish: acrylic
  • Hardware Finish: Bright chrome and satin anodise

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  1. Ripped off Danelectro’s long horn bass.

  2. Should be through-neck.

  3. Should be copy edited.

  4. How much is the purple G3?

  5. Amazing basses. I tried one a few years ago and it played wonderfully and sounded great. I’ll need a lottery win to get one though!

  6. holy crap! these look beautiful! well maybe its little ripped off longhorn but its okay in this case, because, it is so upgraded, you wouldn’t normally count it to ripoffs… its more like a tribute, with great ideas!

  7. Check out the Gus Guitars website….. which is? Oh well, time to leave your site for Google then Gus Guitars… that’s always a good idea to retain readers, right? I’m sure I won’t get distracted and not come back here….

  8. can’t stand the horns.

  9. Jedi Grunge

    Maybe it’s just me, but is nobody else bothered by the name G3? As a collector of vintage Gibson G3s and Grabbers, I must say I was a bit taken aback by this G3. That said, pretty dang cool lookin’!