Viaceslav Svedov: RHCP Bass Medley

There’s no denying Flea’s influence on bassist Viaceslav Svedov. Here’s Viaceslav showing some love and playing through a number of Chili Pepper tunes.

As always, this video comes with some great bass faces.

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  1. I should get a Beatles haircut, start playing lefty and shaking my head as I play too…

  2. A medley is a group of songs played as one, not a bunch of random shit edited into one file. I found the posing annoying and some of it just plain wrong. You are an idiot…

    • Hey Warren, I’m guessing you’re not a real bass player, because real bass players can’t be that uncool. Okay if you don’t like it, but sheesh.

    • Warren…really? You really want to go there Warren?

    • Even if it’s not the exact definition of a medley. It’s still impressive, and Viaceslav is an awesome thumper! No need to be offensive towards a fellow low-ender. That’s not how musicians treat each other. Try expressing your opinion in a less offensive way if you don’t like it man.

    • The guy is acting like a wanker. if I wanted to watch wankers in action, I would go to a site called I went to and saw a wanker who also happens to play bass. The guy is screaming “LOOK AT ME, I’M COOL AREN’T I” every time he pulls his retard bullshit and I found it to be steaming terd of a thing to watch and expressed my opinion.

      Yes, I went there. How I express myself is up to me. My opinion is my own and expressing it is a freedom given to me by the option to add comments. If Y’all are soo frigging Walt Disney that a bit of brutal honesty gets your panties in a bunch, that’s your problem, not mine. Grow up and look out the window, it’s the real world…

    • Well, if you call people idiots for sharing, then I’d suggest you take your comments elsewhere. Fine to share an opinion. An opinion with insults isn’t what we want around here. We’ll be sure to send you a complete refund on your subscription.

    • It appears you’ve got your head up your butt Corey. I’ve reread both my posts and nowhere did I call anyone an idiot for sharing. I don’t have a subscription so threatening to revoke it is idiotic.

      As it’s your site and you most likely shared the retards clip in the first place, I put it to you that you have a chosen poorly. It’s bad enough that fools produce idiot videos but I would hope that those that choose what to redistribute would have enough sense to weed out the crap and only promote worthwhile material.

      If you can get over your schoolgirl crush on this parrot and see him for what he is, great. If not, it just goes to show that this site is run by amateurs who don’t know their ass from their elbow. A fan site run by wannabees not worthy of subscription.

      If you spent more time playing and less time trying to be a web guru, you might even be able to grasp what I, a bassist, is saying.

      Dare I say, go screw yourself??? Dickhead.

    • Your very first comment says… “You are an idiot…” ?_?

    • Yeah, the player is an idiot. I had no opinion about the uploaded till he commented. Now though, I’ll add him to the list too.

      • ee

        Hey Warren Wanker do you think your awesome post your stuff or shut it ? Slava didn’t ask to be on this site ! He can play and has technical skills if he wants to display them, it’s obviously not a technical vid ! When he does post one you will eat your words lighten up or get lost!

    • Go find some inner peace, man.

  3. Anyone know the app he is running on the ipad?

  4. This guy’s technique’s all over the shop. Especially slapping and in his left hand. He could play so much better if he worked on that stuff.

  5. Cool assed tone! Dude’s a good player with good technique.

  6. Come on Warren he’s havin a blast, and he can play! Great job!