No-Metric’s SOS: Blistering Slap Bass, Tight Band, Killer Solos

Bassist Fernando Molinari sent in this great video of his band No-Metric playing their tune “SOS.”

Molinari kicks things off with a blistering slap riff to get the band in the groove. He also takes a beautiful solo after things cool off around the 3:30 mark.

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  1. I love how it feels disjointed in the beginning.

  2. They’re amazing! made in Brazil! kkk

  3. can I get my 6 minutes back.

  4. Fernando Molinari, espero ainda poder fazer aula ai com você, cara!

    Já compartilhei este vídeo e agora assisti de novo neste canal. Parabéns a você e a todos do No Metric!

  5. Putain j’suis sur le cul…. oups sorry so french you just kicked my ass guys lol.

  6. maravilha…parabéns! the hora!

  7. It’s like Mr Bungle and Faith No More had a baby… oh wait…

  8. Cara! Show demais! Musicalidade e virtuosismo juntos! Raro! heheh Sucesso sempre!

  9. slapping fusion solo lines is so cheesy.

  10. Holy Cow! That was AWSOME!

  11. Incredible boys! I can’t come up with the words to describe how fantastic that was!