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Reader Spotlight: Darryl Anders

Darryl Anders

We first featured Darryl Anders and his band AgapeSoul back in July of last year. The bassist’s deep pocket groove made that first appearance here a big hit.

Darryl has an impressive resume and a pretty sweet gear list too. So it was an easy choice to select him for this week’s reader spotlight feature… the first of 2013.


I’ve had the opportunity to work with some truly great artist like Tower of Power, Booker T Jones, Zigaboo Modeliste, Ledisi, Martin Luther and Bonnie Hayes.

In August, 2012 my band Darryl Anders~AgapeSoul released ore debut CD Believe In Love, which was #1 on the UK Soul Chart.


SF Bay Area

Day gig:

Bass products manager for Dunlop / MXR Bass Innovations

Years experience:

30+ years

Bands & Gigs:

I am the leader of my own band Darryl Anders~AgapeSoul. We play an eclectic mix of mostly original… soulful R&B and neo-soul.


  • Mike Lull M5V x 4
  • Elrick EvoLution 5
  • Spector Euro4LX
  • Spector Euro5lx custom
  • Spector Coda 5
  • SoundTrade 4
  • Carvin SB5000
  • Aguilar DB751
  • Aguilar TH500
  • Aguilar gs112 (x3) gs410, gs412
  • MXR M288 bass octave
  • MXR M82 bass envelope
  • MXR M84 bass fuzz
  • MXR M87 bass cmop
  • MXR M83 bass chorus
  • MXR M89 bass over drive
  • Dunlop Bass Strings DBN45125, DN45105

Why I play the bass:

I heard Louis Johnson playing bass on the Quincy Jones LP Mellow Madness. It was a sound I’d never heard before. Then I saw him live in concert after the Bros Johnson Look Out For #1 LP came out, and I know at that moment that it was what I wanted to do.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

I think what makes me stand out in the world of so many great players is my tone and the fact that I don’t play very hard, but still manage to get a big sound

My influences

So many people have influenced me on this journey. Louis Johnson, Larry Graham, Lee Sklar, Wille Weeks, Marcus Miller, Jimmy Haslip, Jaco, Gary Willis…


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