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Bass of the Week: David Gage Czech-Ease Double Bass

David Gage Czech-Ease Double Bass

Anyone who has traveled with an upright bass knows that it can be a real hassle. While electric upright basses are easier to get around, they don’t give the same feel and response as their acoustic brethren. Renowned luthier David Gage reacted to the issue by designing the Czech-Ease: a full scale double bass that features an abbreviated body for easier portability.

In production since 2004, the Czech-Ease comes in four models of varying construction. The Standard CE features a laminated spruce and maple body, while the Hybrid H1 adds a carved top, and the Carved C1 has a fully-carved top, ribs, and flat-back. Fans of the old school will appreciate the “Vintage” Ply K1 version, which offers Gage’s K1 plywood blend of laminated tonewoods to match the presence of classic plywood basses.

The bass comes fitted with a Realist pickup that sits underneath a custom-made David Gage adjustable bridge. Other features include an extended carbon fiber endpin, a special tailpiece to accommodate for the body size, and a removable scroll. Inside its Featherweight Czech-Ease case, the whole package weighs under 50 pounds.

For more info, check out the Czech-Ease website.

David Gage Czech-Ease Double Bass Photo Gallery:


David Gage Czech-Ease Double Bass Features:

  • Designed by David Gage
  • Made in Czech Republic
  • Body: Laminated Spruce and Maple (Standard), Hybrid, Carved, or K1 Plywood
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • String Length: 41”
  • Extended Carbon Fiber Endpin
  • Custom David Gage Bridge
  • Removable Scroll
  • Pickup: The Realist