N-Audio Introduces Powerbox Mk2 Stompbox Power Supply

N-Audio Powerbox Mk2 Stompbox Power SupplyN-Audio has unveiled the Powerbox Mk2, an isolated and filtered stompbox power supply. The new tool is based on a quality transformer with a reduced flux density and 5 independent isolated output groups that reduce noise and group loop issues.

The Mk2 has ten outputs: four with 9 or 12 volts and up to 500mA, two with 9, 12, or 18 volts and up to 250mA, and four ultra low noise 9V outputs. The output voltages can be changed via small dip switches on top of the pedal.

The N-Audio Mk2 is handmade in Bulgaria, and ships with a kit of all the necessary cables for powering your effects. It’s available now for €185 (approx. $241 USD). For more info, visit the N-Audio website.

N-Audio Powerbox Mk2 Specs:

  • Dimensions: 13?5?10cm
  • Weight: 1.05Kg
  • Mains supply: IEC connector 230VAC 50/60Hz (Europe) or 110VAC 50/60Hz (USA)
  • Transformer: 50/60Hz transformer with reduced flux density
  • PCB: 2mm double sided gold plated PCB
  • Protections: mains fuse, short circuit protected outputs
  • Fuse: 20x5mm fuse. 200mA fuse at 220VAC and 400mA fuse at 110VAC mains
  • Outputs: 10 outputs ø5.5/ø2.1mm center negative
  • Operation indications: 5 control LEDs
  • Warranty: 3 years

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