Gentle Giant: Free Hand, Live 1978

I’m not sure how I stumbled onto this video, but I’m sure glad I did. Gentle Giant’s “Free Hand” is already an awesome song, but add bassist Ray Shulman’s ballsy tone and energetic performance to the mix, and it’s a home run.

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  1. wow this is like halfway between Yes and King Crimson…interesting.

  2. I’ll show my age; I don’t know anybody that had heard of Gentle Giant back in their day. I went to a Uriah Heep/Foghat concert around 1973 and GG opened. My perspective on bass playing has never been the same since. I’ve always liked the out there bass players and Ray Schulman is one of if not the best bass player ever in my humble opinion. He’s also a good guitar, trumpet, descant recorder and violin player.

  3. How have I never heard of these guys before? This is bad ass. Kevin, thank you for posting this!

  4. That’s testament to how progressive rock can also be funky. Great band, great bassist!

  5. I was fortunate enough to watch them perform in, of all places, Harpo’s in Detroit. Why they were there I could never figure out, but what an amazing display of musicianship. I was a fan of Ray Shulman’s playing immediately. This opened a flood gate of memories!

  6. When I saw GG the first time in Salem Derek and Ray’s other brother was still in the band. I can’t think of his name off the top of my head.

  7. My brother-in-law owns the burst that the guitarist is playing. It’s known as “GG” in the collectors market.

  8. Conor

    Love GG, they are such an under rated prog band.