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Prog-Rockers Gentle Giant Release 1976 Live Show for First Time

Gentle Giant: Live at the BicentennialGentle Giant might be the prog-rock band that casual fans of the genre overlook. However, the group had a decade-long career (1970-80), turning out creative pieces, often written by bassist/multi-instrumentalist Ray Shulman and keyboardist Kerry Minnear.

Fans have long adored the band’s one previous official live album, Playing the Fool, released in the late 1970s. While other live recordings are available of the band, the newly released Live at the Bicentennial is only the second official live album from Gentle Giant.

The two-CD set is taken from a radio broadcast of a July 3, 1976 show at the Calderone Theater in Hempstead, Long Island. It features music from the band’s most successful U.S. album, 1975’s Free Hand.

If you’re not familiar with Gentle Giant’s sound, just take a listen to this live performance of “The Runaway/Experience” on German TV from two years before the Calderone show:

Live at the Bicentennial is available on CD.

Live at the Bicentennial Track List:

CD 1:

  1. Intro/Just The Same
  2. Proclamation/Valedictory
  3. On Reflection
  4. Interview
  5. The Runaway/Experience
  6. So Sincere

CD 2:

  1. Excerpts From Octopus
  2. Give It Back
  3. Timing
  4. Free Hand

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Mike Zammit

Mike Zammit

‘Scotland’s Gentle Giant’! Where did that one come from? The band was formed and based in Portsmouth, England, almost as far away from Scotland as you can get without leaving the UK. Sloppy Research.

    News Team (Author)

    You are right. Although Derek Shulman was born in Scotland (as was his brother, Phil, who was with the band in its earlier years) the band formed in Portsmouth, England (also Ray’s birthplace). We regret the error and we’ve corrected it above.

    Gene locke

    Gene locke

    Mike …don’t be such a critical asshole! Be aware everyone is trying very hard to please you. All attempts are being made and lives are at stake! Grow-up!

Vince Di Francesco

Ray Shulman is one of the most underrated bass players in rock






You are so correct. No one else to touch them. Been a fan since 74

Stephen Willcock

Wow. Just Wow! I saw these guys half a dozen times in the early to mid-70 stretch and quit playing bass for two years because… well, after this music, who’s gonna want to hear the old 1-4-5?