Alex Bershadsky and Dennis Chambers: Freedom Jazz Dance

Alex Bershadsky is working on a new album and sent us this track as a sneak peek of what’s to come. The bassist teamed up with drummer extraordinaire Dennis Chambers to make a duet of the famous Eddie Harris tune “Freedom Jazz Dance.”

The duo lock in tight as Bershadsky ornaments the funky melody with some incredible right hand technique. We can’t wait to hear more!

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  1. Look out Victor Wooten…

  2. Oh yeah! sounds superb!

  3. Holly smoke…sooooo good!

  4. bravo-school of music!

  5. dang…his right hand is sooooo relaxed…amazing.

  6. great bass playing technically, yet totally boring musically. or maybe just not my taste. chambers is cool as always, though…

  7. Awful video editing. This sound more like technique than music.

  8. Dennis is a “beyonder”…having a drummer like that to back your chops, can make you come from a diffrent planet lol! cudo’s to Alex’…badboy’.

  9. Nice to hear someone play slap/funk stuff NOT in the key of E.

  10. thicker strings

    Two good musicians, unwatchable video due to horrible editing.