Aguilar Introduces HOT Series Precision and Jazz Bass Pickups

Aguilar HOT Series Precision Bass Pickups

Aguilar has introduced a new set of pickups called the HOT series. The Hot P and Hot J pickups act as direct replacements for 4-string Fender P-Bass and Jazz pickups but feature larger, 16mm magnets and an over-wound design. The result is a hotter output that Aguilar says adds a big and loud tone while retaining the grit and nuance.

Aguilar HOT Series Jazz Bass Pickups

The Aguilar HOT Series pickups are built in Aguilar’s New York City factory, and will be available February 15th with a to-be-determined price point. For more info, check out the Aguilar website.

Aguilar HOT Series Pickups Specs:

  • Wire: 42 gauge heavy Formvar wire
  • Magnets: 16MM Alnico V
  • Cable: Single conductor, cloth-covered

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  1. I wonder if the J pickups are hum canceling…

  2. *cough* Quarter Pound *cough*.