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Aguilar Amplification Archives

Pedals & Effects

Aguilar Introduces the DB 599 Bass Compressor Pedal

Aguilar Amplification has added a new model to their ultra-compact line of pedals with the DB 599 Bass Compressor. Housed in a yellow chassis, the mini unit has a simple control layout with a knob for gain and a knob for compression.


Aguilar Announces DCB P and J Style Pickups

Aguilar has blended their DCB pickup design into traditional shapes with the new DCB 4P, 4J, 5J, and 4PJ pickups. The dual ceramic bar style introduces a “new and unique voice for Jazz and Precision style basses,” they say.


Korg USA Acquires Aguilar Amplification

Aguilar Amplification has been acquired by Korg USA, according to an email sent to retailers. Company co-founder Dave Boonshoft confirmed the news on Facebook.


Aguilar Amplification Reveals Poseidon Green Special Edition SL Cabinets

Aguilar Amplification has unveiled a second limited edition color run of their SL cabinets for 2020. The new Poseidon Green Special Edition SL Cabinets carry the same features as their standard versions with the special cover.

Pedals & Effects

Aguilar Amplification Unveils Limited Edition Silver Anniversary Pedals

Aguilar Amplification is celebrating their 25th anniversary with a limited edition run of their pedal lineup. The Silver Anniversary pedals come finished in the company’s silver and black color scheme with a special decal and commemorative package.

Pedals & Effects

Aguilar Amplification Introduces the DB 925 Bass Preamp Pedal

Aguilar Amplification has introduced its first micro pedal with the DB 925 Bass Preamp. Inspired by their DB 924, the new unit is al all-FET preamp with bass and treble boost controls.


Aguilar Amplification Unveils 2020 Limited Edition Cabinet Color

Every year, Aguilar Amplification creates a limited edition run of their SL cabinets in a special color, and this year the company has unveiled they will be “Royal Purple.”


Aguilar Amplification Announces DCB-M4 and M5 Pickups

Aguilar introduced a new pickup design at the Summer NAMM Show with the DCB-M4 and M5. The pickups, which are four and five-string versions of the same model, are humbuckers in a familiar shape.


Aguilar Amplification Announces the SL 210 Bass Cabinet

Aguilar Amplification has added a new model to their Super Light Bass Cabinet series with the SL 210. The lightweight cab is fitted with a pair of custom-voiced 10-inch neodymium speakers as well as a phenolic tweeter with variable level control.


Aguilar Amplification Now Shipping SL 115 Bass Cabinet

Aguilar Amplification has made their SL series of bass cabinets a little bigger with the SL 115. The super lightweight series cab is fitted with a 15-inch driver and weighs in at just 34 pounds.

Pedals & Effects

Aguilar Amplification Unveils Grape Phaser Bass Pedal

Aguilar Amplification has expanded their line of effects at the Winter NAMM Show this year with the Grape Phaser bass pedal. The all-analog pedal is designed for tone and simplicity. “The Grape Phaser provides lush, analog phase shifting courtesy of a simple, two-knob layout,” Aguilar writes. “RATE controls the speed of the modulation while COLOR feeds a portion of the...


Aguilar Amplification Unveils 2018 Limited Edition Cabinet Color

After adding the SL 212 to their lineup, Aguilar Amplification has unveiled their limited edition cabinet color for 2018: Dorian Gray. The outfit will be available on the SL 112 (250 units), the SL 410x (100 units), and the SL 212 (100 units). All of the Dorian Gray cabs will feature a “Limited Edition 2018” label on the crossover as...