L?rincz Viktor: Vikofunk

It has been almost two years since we featured bassist L?rincz Viktor and his Boomerang Competition Bass Solo video (which knocked everyone out).

L?rincz is back with a new video and tune called “Vikofunk”, recorded on his Modulus FB5. L?rincz is having fun and showing off his incredible technique once again.

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  1. What kind of pick up is he using?

  2. What a versatile sound! Snappy and punchy for the slapped and percussive parts yet mellow and sweet for the more chordal sections. I love it!

  3. Great technique! he makes it look so effortless, yet it sounds so complex, without compromising the pure musical aspects. It’s a very nice balance between skills and musicianship.

  4. Thanks Corey Brown and Kevin Johnson for this post, and thanks for everyone who saw and commented it!

  5. Really musical playing, and the triplets he finishes the main slap line with are just KILLER.

  6. So smooth. Love this guy. Great job Lorincz!