Viktor Lörincz: Boomerang Competition Bass Solo

Wow! Someone shared this video with us and we couldn’t wait to post it. Bassist L?rincz Viktor recorded this video for the Guitar Titan competition on the NeoFM Bumeráng Radio Show.

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  1. bogabi

    Wowwwww, gratula a szül?földr?l is, nagyon jó látni, hogy kis hazánkban is vannak ám tehetséges (zseni) emberek! Le a kalappal…

  2. Dude .. it’s originally by a street artist …

  3. Connor Lord

    Whoo! Not bad, not bad at all!

  4. Billbobass

    Nagyon jol,,,,szuper

  5. Voytek

    very nice man, incredible how people can play these days…

  6. Zsolt Váradi

    na örülök hogy ide is felkerültél :)

  7. B Charles

    totally very everthing! Inspiring.

  8. I’ll say this in English and not Hungarian…Awesome!

  9. Awesome technical skills, plus a great sense of melody! Bravo!

  10. Awesome.

    Someone keeps posting the video below, stating this is the same composition.

    It’s not. Both players are awesome, and there is a similarity of groove. But that’s about it. Judge for yourself.

  11. […] of the most popular videos we’ve ever shared is Viktor Lörincz’s “Boomerang,” back in 2011. We even had Stuart Clayton transcribe […]