Marta Altesa: “Time Won’t Wait” Jamiroquai Play-Along

Holy smokes. How have we missed Marta Altesa all this time?

Once again, our friend Sylvain Gros-Desormeaux sent us a gem of a video, saying, “This cover is very good. Killing tone, perfect timing, I love the smile on [Marta’s] face…”

Marta is playing along to Jamiroquai’s “Time Won’t Wait” on her MusicMan StingRay 5. And she says she started playing bass in 2010.

Again I say… Holy smokes!

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  1. Great job. Jamiroquai songs have great basslines.

  2. talented and beautiful.

  3. Killing tone, perfect timing!

  4. she’s got some good youtube stuff!

  5. Not only is she HOT looking! She’s HOT on the bass! Great job!

  6. three years? Shes a natural.

  7. very ace… go gett’em girl!

  8. Yikes! Awesome solid big fat lovely groove! You are the whole package!

  9. That’s one hot bass player!

  10. Definitely a natural….now she needs to take on Rocco’s TOP basslines!

  11. Marta – you are totally awesome and a fantastic band to choose! :-)


  13. As a bassist I have to say, this is a fake. Great bassline but she, s not playing it.

  14. Hey Ari, as a bassist I have to say, you’re a d%ck!

  15. I’m supposed to be working, but now I’ve gotta practice.

  16. Jamiroquia is a legend! Look how comfortable she looks playing that! Born for bass I say :P

  17. This is kinda really shreddingly awesome!

  18. Smokin’! And I do mean that killer bass work.

  19. Keellar! Love that funk when its done delicious…..

  20. Tight timing, smooth lines, effortless technique….this girl is good, VERY good!

  21. Great Job!!! From one Bass Player to another your section of music is wonderfu

  22. Wonderful, you ware it well. Keep up the good work!!!

  23. Marry me? I promise you love and groove every day!

  24. Felicitats Marta, ets fantàstica.

  25. She’s a good young player, esp considering how short of a time she’s been at it. Now, I wonder if people would be commenting how this person looks if it was a young man? Come on, it’s the 21st century people!

    • My thoughts too. If it’s a guy playing no one is amazed, but because it is a young and beautiful woman, everybody gives her attention. I bet few to no comments would have been made if she were not attractive…

    • As long as we are equally commenting on her musically skills – whats the problem mentioning her gorgeous looks to? Any woman appreciates that!
      By mentioning that its the 21st century, you mean we should all be one grey sexless mass of unisex avatars? Maybe that’s the world you want for the 21th century – it’s not mine!

    • Personally John Vinter, I give more importance here to bass playing. If I want to focus on good looking women I just grab a Playboy, or if I want to compliment one I just call my gf. But, to each his/her own.

    • I’m quite sure everybody here gives the bass playing the most importance, Daniel Bass – that’s kind of the reason we are here, isn’t it! And rest assure my focus is on the bass playing and the musicality first of all! But that doesn’t mean I am not able to notice and comment on other things ass well – as I would have if this has been played (as well) by a guy sitting and practicing on a mountain cabin porch with a extraordinary beautifull view. I would have commented on that too, and why shouldn’t I – would that make my comment on the music and the musicality less worth?

      This is what music is all about!
      Taking in impressions – letting them touch your heart – and responding to the sender!
      (Regardless if it fits into the boxes of other peoples worlds.)

      Nice of you to share the information that you read Playboy – one wonders why, if you have such a beautiful gf? Personally I don’t care much for Playboy and its glossy ideal of what good looking women should look like. I much more prefer the natural beauty of a young woman as Marta or even better (being my age) the natural beauty of nicely aged women with mildly wrinkled faces showing their life experience and depth. And knowing how much compliments means to women (of all ages) one should be a poor guy not giving a heart felt compliment when its there – it cost so little and means so much in the receiving end!
      If the only problem is that I don’t fit into your 21’th century grey mass unisex (or should I say NOsex) world … well – I can live with that! ;-)

    • John Vinter The Playboy magazine thing is an example, not to be taken seriously. I don’t care whether or not people compliment her beauty, but I do think it’s kind of silly to acknowledge her talent hand to hand with her looks, What she’s playing is good, but not the cream of playing. Take Simon Fitzpatrick, whose video has a lot less posts than this one, but what he’s playing is simply awesome and has more merit than Marta’s cover, as nice as it might be. Bottom line is, SF doesn’t get as many comments just because he’s a guy, even though what he does should get a lot more attention just because it goes beyond just covering a song. Bu again, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, and mine has to do with highlighting how average playing is when it comes to a guy, nobody sees anything special, but when it’s a girl – and a pretty one – then everyone sees talent. Can’t expect less from a male chauvinist oriented society.

    • And not to mention I wouldn’t care less about the kind of women you like, and that’s not what’s on discussion here. By the way, my Gf lives in another city hence my impossibility of seeing her in person whenever I would like to.

    • Jealous Bastard :( guess shes better than you) at playing bass!!!

  26. 2010! that’s like 1.21 jiggawatts.

  27. Nice! Not ewery day a girl plays awsome Bass! really cute too…:)

  28. very nice beat, and I also like her smile.

  29. ‘As a bassist’…… of course no one else commenting happens to be a bassist! ;) OK, Marta is cute but she is so solid and grooves better than so many guys I’ve seen who post their videos on youtube. Jay Kay thinks so, otherwise he wouldn’t have invited her over to South America to be with the band. I don’t know in what capacity she’s there…. I doubt she’s going to be stepping into Paul Turner’s shoes just yet. :)

  30. It’s hard to be hit with an overwhelming amount of gorgeousness and pleasure to both the eye and the ear – without loosing a bit of ones heart! ;-) (Even for a man my age X-D).
    Great job Marta – perfect timing and sound – keep it coming!

  31. Truly wonderful! Thanks for brightening up the day, keep doing it and go far. Love.

  32. So, it looks from her FB page that she is actually playing with Jamiroquai in South America….. ‘She’s not playing it’……… my arse :;.

  33. Yeah.. She is a cute girl, but foremost she is a fucking awesome bassplayer!

  34. Bloody hell. Back to the drawing board! You don’t see that on X FACTOR! :-)

  35. Not sure which is more enjoyable… watching the playing or watching her obviously enjoying and getting into it. :)

  36. Well I can play it like that but I’m sure not that!

  37. Talentosa y muy prometedora Bajista. Le deseo lo mejor.
    Adelante Marta!!!!!!

  38. Great! She plays excellent, play and have fun. I hope we’ll se more of her in the future.

  39. Holy Cow! This kid can play. She needs to be a side woman for someone big now.

  40. When one looks at a musicians talent that also includes their stage presence and having a magnetic charisma like the one that Marta possesses is definitely a plus.

  41. Joao Pedroza

    Very cool….
    This girl is hot all the way, Cute and Groove.
    Nicely Done.