Ray Riendeau: “The Stranger” Live Bass and Drum Duo Performance

Bassist Ray Riendeau shared his latest video with us, featuring a live performance of the tune “The Stranger” he did with drummer Martin Diamond.

And the tune is quite a ride full of great rhythms, interplay and stellar technique. Great for listening and watching.

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  1. wow! who needs more instruments… great feel & groove!

  2. I kinda feel like this is the stuff that gives slap bass a bad name. I like Ray, but this is a bit this lacking some soul….

    • As a soul/funk/blues bass player Ray Riendeau brought me a lot in how using slap in a more melodic way, not just thos octave or pentatonic scales fills, his arpeggio’s slap concept brought me a kind of polyrythm approach to the blues that can derive to afro-beat using triplets, I would say there he’s playing something else than soul of course, but his sensitivity and light touch, his sense of dynamics and melody on a bass when slapping is really personal, that’s why I really dig what he’s doing… he’s got soul, his own….

  3. umm. the drumming was great, the bass playing didn’t get decent till about half way.

  4. muy buenoo lo tuyoo che!

  5. I’m also a massive fan of slap bass, so don’t think I don’t dig a bit of the ol’ thumpin’ and pluckin’!

  6. To all who attempt to listen: Please watch these kinds of videos with either a subwoofer hooked up, or a really good set of headphones. Anything under 150-200 Hz (which is most of the range of a bass) will not sound realistic otherwise. Good stuff.

  7. This make no sense to me. Too many notes , too many thumbing and plucking… there’s no space between notes… Where’s the phrasing or the melody? someone can sing a part of Ryans’ tune? Music is mor than notes and technique.. Please, read Victor ?ooten’s book.