Niacin Announces Details on New Album, Release First Track

NiacinNiacin is back.

After an seven year hiatus, bassist Billy Sheehan, drummer Dennis Chambers and keyboardist John Novello have teamed up once again on Krush, their sixth studio effort. The album will be released on April 2, 2013 through Prosthetic Records.

The power trio’s name comes from the common name for the vitamin B3 and the Hammond B3 used heavily in the band’

The group incorporates a Hammond B3 as a core part of their sound, and that inspired the band’s name. “Niacin” is the common name for the vitamin B3. Bringing together the musician’s diverse backgrounds set the stage for them to define a new sound of rock and jazz with the music of B3 legends such as Blind Faith, Keith Emerson, Deep Purple’s Jon Lord and Ken Hensley.

Niacin debuted in 1996 on Chick Corea’s label, Stretch, and gained notoriety through their subsequent releases and tours. Each of Niacin’s members have been busy with their own projects over the years, but hit the studio in 2012 to work on this new project.

Here is the title track from the album:

Krush Track List:

    Niacin: Krush

  1. Krush
  2. Tone Wheels
  3. Stormy Sunday
  4. Low Art
  5. Car Crash Red
  6. Electorcity
  7. Cold Fusion
  8. Majestic Dance
  9. Prelude & Funky Opus
  10. The Gnarly Shuffle
  11. Drifting
  12. Sly Voltage
  13. That’s The One!
  14. Triple Strength

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