Marcus Miller Band: “Blast” Live

The 2012 Jazz Week Burghausen featured six days of performances by a variety of groups, including Marcus Miller with his band. The band was on their spring tour in Europe.

Here’s a clip from their performance of the tune “Blast”, from Marcus’ A Night in Monte Carlo.

Marcus and drummer Louis Cato really lock it in on this one.

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  1. is this on a cd somewhere?

  2. Like a Masters Class in how to make the simple just flat out STANKY NASTY FUNKY!

  3. interesting, if not overuse of the echo on the trumpet solo. a little overdone in my opinion. As a former alto sax player, now Bass player, I appreciated the serious middle eastern feel ( with just a touch of Westernism) he put in while constantly hitting the Root with Marcus. Seriously nice job by all. awesome groove !