Zander Zon: Heartbeat Lyrics

Zander Zon has shared one of the first videos showcasing music from his new CD, Saturn Return.

In our track-by-track feature with Zander, he shared the story behind this tune:

The title of this piece is derived from the beat that’s present throughout a lot of the piece, and from the fact that you of course don’t need music to have words in order to express meaning and evoke emotion; the ideas within all my compositions serve as my lyrics and I wanted to represent this… For the majority of this piece, I’m using two-handed tapping…

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  1. more treble than bass guitar.

  2. I just wonder… if we treat this solely as a musical entity, how would we feel about it’s worth if it was played on say, a piano? I think when you take away the technique aspect, you’re left with a pretty weak musical statement…

    • I feel the same about many fingerstyle guitar players (like Andy McKee) who do a bunch of things with open tunings and hitting their guitars, but the music statement is like you say, weak.

  3. I kinda enjoyed it, but “Craig Strain” has a point, both from a musical and ergonomic point of view. Reminds me of Leslie West commenting on Stanley Jordan to the effect of ‘ a lot of facility, but not a very good sound’. In other words, a guitar wasn’t really designed for tapping, or let’s say, could you find a better way to voice your two-part invention or what ever, like on a keyboard? A lot of guys will say “tapping’s my thing.” Cool. I like the Chapman Stick, conceptualized for two handed tapping. But technique serves the music, and even Stu Hamm, when he does that fast percussive slapping loses me; he has artistic license of course but musically it loses me.. But I have enjoyed listening to Zander.

  4. What what a tough crowd of the usual “musicians” judging other musicians… Music is totally so much more than this limited viewpoint of was it a “strong” musical statement or not.. Stop judging and appreciate the art and feeling/emotion he is trying to convey here…

    • I don’t think anyone’s judging but rather being critique, providing opinions we are all entitled to express here, and arguments to support the claims made. You liked it? fine, so did I. Do I find it musically lacking? Maybe, but perhaps it was intended to be that way, or maybe not. Whatever the truth is, if you enjoyed it that’s fine, if others find it to be lacking because of their musical demands and personal taste, that’s fine too.