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Reader Spotlight: Nenne Effe

Nenne Effe

Meet Nenne Effe, a musician who took up bass later in her life, after starting on guitar. We’re glad she decided to join the good team.

Nenne an engaging and entertaining person, as we’re sure you’ll see when you read her story. And so it was an easy choice to make her No Treble’s player in the spotlight for the week of April 22, 2013.


Somewhat trained in piano and self-taught on guitar, Nenne took up bass later in life (in her twenties) when she moved to the US from overseas and was looking for a new instrument that would make her look badass. Years, and barely a dozen jazz bass lessons later, she still plays entirely by ear and perversely enjoys the occasional blister she gets from too much practice. Ouch.

Paired with her interest in sound engineering, Nenne likes to arrange, record, mix and produce her covers just like the one of Sting’s “Englishman in New York”. A good challenge is singing and playing bass at the same time – which she can do most of the time.

Almost finished with grad school, she is looking forward to starting her new job in the fall, so she can earn more money and invest in a couple of much-coveted new pedals. Look out for the demos!



Day gig:

Graduate student at Stanford University. Graduating in June!!

Years experience:

9 years, on and off

Bands & Gigs:

I’m really into music production. You can check out my YouTube channel


  • Schechter Stiletto Elite Bass (5 strings)
  • MoogerFooger 101 Low Pass Filter
  • The complete, monster list of my gear is here.

Why I play the bass:

Makes me look badass + it’s fairly easy if you have a good ear.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

Really good ear, which lets me improvise and play along anything really quickly.

My influences

Quite honestly, any great bass line I hear is an influence. I does not matter who is playing it. Mostly, I like jazz and funk. But some high-brow dance music (if there’s anything like it) has sick bass lines. Listen to Moony’s ‘Dove’. Wow.

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