Oceakyl: No One Can Be You

When Joachim Mahoudeaux shared this video with us, he said very few words.

“This french band is simply amazing!”

The band is Oceakyl… an unusual trio we really dig. Started by bassist/multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Olivier Carole, who recruited bassist Emeline Fougeray and drummer Mogan Cornebert, the group has been performing together since 2009.

The polyrhythms, which are quite intricate at times, are a huge part of the group’s NDA.

The group says their first album is in preparation… We can’t wait.

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  1. wow! after hearing something like this, they need to have album out now! I’m ready to purchase. such musicality. very melodic. sweet! I love the double bass arrangement. one keeping the low end, the other with the melody. fantastic!

  2. Excellent! And two bassists…..yeah!

  3. Great! I really like this one.

  4. They sure have some interesting “NDA”. ;)
    COOL music!

  5. I really love the way they are synchronized! really a good band.

  6. I do like it but its a little monotone considering the calibre of the musicians

  7. Now THAT”s some creative stuff!

  8. Very inspirational. Always wanted to play with another bass player

  9. Very nice! Kind of Bona-ish.