Josh “Bass Mountain” Townsend: For My Father

Josh “Bass Mountain” Townsend sent in this very personal performance of his original song, “For My Father.” He wrote the song without understanding what it was about until his father passed away.

“I always knew that it was a special song, but I could never figure out why,” Townsend wrote. “I could never pick a name for it, and I could never understand what it made me feel, which isn’t the norm for me. That day I was told that my dad died, I finally knew what this song is about. It’s the life I had with my dad.”

More than the music, Josh wants people to use the song as a reminder to appreciate your loved ones. “Please, take a chance to listen, comment or message me,” he said, “but most importantly, take a moment to tell important people in your life that you love them, and thank God for them everyday.”

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  1. beautiful, josh. gotta love good dads. need more of them. great tribute!

  2. Lovely..well done!

  3. wow. nice playing dude.

  4. Beautiful words and music.

  5. I love the song. You are so right about telling and sharing your love with those we love. I have to tell you more. Yesterday, I was told that I was slowly going blind. I had immediate lazer surgery and it will help stop that. Well, what is one thing I “love”. It is watching you boys play. So I want to tell you Bass “How much I love you and that I love Watching you play!” You need to hear that and know that. Awesome song. Your Dad would be soooooooo proud. Thanks for sharing. I want to SEEEEEEEEE more!

  6. Thoughtful and Soulful. +1

  7. Sorry to hear bout your dad Bm. Lost my mom this year also. What a beautiful tribute. Keep doing it man!

  8. Beautiful Josh! Love it. Your message is crystal clear and I so dig the melody.

  9. Great song man, what an hommage for your dad!

  10. Beautifully written and executed! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I read, I listened, I am in awe my friend, in awe. coolest video ever, thank you!

  12. Josh , This song was so beautiful. it reminded me of You and your dad, hiking through the mountain trails with the sun peeking through the leaves, on your way to the fishing hole, when all of a sudden it begins to rain hard and you have to take cover under some rocks. This gives you a good while just to talk deeply about your lives together. What a premonition You Had the Day your father Passed, You must have had a very special relationship!

  13. An amazing composition!

  14. An amazing composition!

  15. Wow. Awesome! I was truly blessed and a little choked up. I appreciate your tribute and I pray for your strength. Beautifully done, Sir. Thank. You for sharing.

  16. Bless you man! Wonderful, touching performance. Glad I came across this page….

  17. Jim

    Beautiful…nice job!

  18. Joe hancock

    That’s really beautiful josh, im sure your fathers hearing every note!