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Josh “Bass Mountain” Townsend: For My Father

Josh “Bass Mountain” Townsend sent in this very personal performance of his original song, “For My Father.” He wrote the song without understanding what it was about until his father passed away.

“I always knew that it was a special song, but I could never figure out why,” Townsend wrote. “I could never pick a name for it, and I could never understand what it made me feel, which isn’t the norm for me. That day I was told that my dad died, I finally knew what this song is about. It’s the life I had with my dad.”

More than the music, Josh wants people to use the song as a reminder to appreciate your loved ones. “Please, take a chance to listen, comment or message me,” he said, “but most importantly, take a moment to tell important people in your life that you love them, and thank God for them everyday.”

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