Andrew Seward Leaves Against Me!

Andrew SewardBassist Andrew Seward has parted ways with Against Me!, according to a post on the band’s website. Comments from each of the bandmembers suggests that there’s no love lost between the three of them.

“No drama here,” Seward wrote. “I reached a point where I need to focus on other things. Respect to [vocalist Laura Jane Grace] and [guitarist James Bowman]. The last 10 years ruled.”

Seward joined the band in 2002 and was first featured on the 2003 album Eternal Cowboy. The news of his departure comes as Against Me! is recording their sixth studio album, Transgender Dysphoria Blues. It also leaves the band in an uncertain state, considering they also lack a drummer. Last month they cancelled tour plans with Bad Religion because they couldn’t find a drummer to fill the group out.

“I realize that at this point there’s a possibility that it may look pretty ridiculous to carry on playing under the name Against Me!,” Grace stated. “If I didn’t feel like I had something that I really needed to say with the album we’ve been working on for the past year then I’d humbly hang the hat and move on.”

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  1. Misuse of the expression “no love lost” I believe, it usually means that there is no affection between people, see below: