Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen: Autumn Leaves

Every time I watch or listen to NHØP, I have to stop everything else I’m doing. His jaw-dropping virtuosity and sheer technicality is unmatched.

Here’s an awesome clip of the Great Dane ripping up the jazz standard “Autumn Leaves”. He starts the song off with a tip of the hat to Jaco Pastorius by playing part of the electric bassist’s arrangement of Bach’s “Chromatic Fantasy.”

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  1. just brilliant…

  2. Uh…wow. I am speechless.

  3. I’m Very Impressed! Outstanding! ?

  4. Incredible, NHOP didn’t even break a sweat playing Chromatic Fantasy, an Effortless Master.

    • I wouldn’t call it effortless ;) as far as I remember he dropped out of to high schools, and according to his brothers he would tend to practice till the early morning hours. Also according to the musicians who contributed to hisbiography he kept that habit til his death… that’s called making an effort ;)

  5. Have a listen to Jo Pass and NHØP’ version of “Donna Lee” – NHØP played as fast as the guitaplaye. I was at the concert. Joe Pass commented with a smile : “Now we need a basplayer”.

  6. 32nd notes on an upright-astounding!

  7. Outstanding melodic phrasing!! A true lesson for us all.

  8. his playing is a like a love story every time. never gets old.

  9. Not just technique and chops. But very musical. Check out his work on Standards with Bireli Lagrene.

  10. ummm.. scuse’ me…. I gotta go hit the shed.

  11. Man, I love this tune. This is my new favorite version. Oh how I need lots and lots of practice!

  12. NHOP makes me weep man.