Deftones’ Final Album with Chi Cheng Closer To Being Released

The Deftones were nearly finished with their album Eros in 2008 when tragedy struck and a car accident left bassist Chi Cheng in a coma. After some time, the band decided to shelve the project out of respect for Cheng and recruited bassist Sergio Vega to start a new album, Diamond Eyes. Eros turned out to be Cheng’s final recording with the band, as the bassist passed away last month.


The project may see the light of day in the near future, according to Deftones front man Chino Moreno. The singer stated that a release would be more appropriate now than in the last few years.

When asked by Artisan News at the Golden Gods Awards if the album would ever get a release date, Chino stated, “I think more so now than ever. I actually went back and listened to some of it recently. I don’t know when, but I feel it’s a little more appropriate now for us to think about than in the last three years.”

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