Lesson: Offbeat Double Thumb Slap Bass

I’m working on a new concept in double thumb slap bass, which basically is an “in reverse” technique. This means the “down” thumb is on the offbeat, and the “up” thumb is on the downbeat. This creates a whole new feeling worth exploring.

You can follow along with the notation (PDF) and the video below.

Let me know how it goes!

Gear specs: I’m playing my Fbass VF5 through a Korg Pandora PX5D (with built-in drum patterns). From there, it is a line-in to a Zoom Q3 HD recorder and camera. The strings are Dunlop nickel strings (45-125 gauge).

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  1. Off I go to try the double thumb slap technique…

  2. Catchy! Not too gimmicky and weird, so actually useful! Nice!

  3. you must be one tall dude every time I see you play I think your playing a short scale bass.

  4. This is a really cool lesson Marlowe… as usual. The whole double thumb technique eludes me for some reason, hopefully this will change that ;).

  5. so outlaw…don’t know whether I really like it or just interesting. It hurts me somehow, in another hand, jazzmen don’t make a big deal with music rape. I wonder how some drummers would feel on it. Thanks for the share, nice from you, as usual