Iron Ether Introduces Subterranea Synth/Octave Pedal

Iron Ether’s newest pedal is a multi-timbral analog synthesizer and octave pedal. The handmade “Subterranea” pedal features three synthesized voices that track the input pitch, two of which have selectable waveforms and a third that has its own unique sound and lowpass filter. Iron Ether says all of the voices can be mixed together to create a “massive synthesized voice” that can then be used as a master oscillator for a synth effects chain.

Iron Ether Subterranea Synth/Octave Pedal

The Subterranea has a level control for its main octave voice as well as it octave synth voice and unison synth voice. The synth voices then each have 3-way switches to select between sawtooth, narrow pulse, and square waveforms. Its filter knob controls the cutoff frequency of a lowpass filter on the output of the original Octave signal to allow for deep dub tones up to “funky harmonically rich signals.” Finally, a Clean control adjusts the level of unaffected signal in the output.

The Iron Ether Subterranea is hand-built and etched in New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s available now for $225. For more info, check out the Iron Ether website.

Iron Ether Subterranea Details:

  • Multi-timbral Analog Synth/Octave
  • Switchable Waveforms on Synth Voices
  • Dimensions: 4.7? x 2.5?
  • Power: 9 volt DC Center Negative Power Supply
  • Relay-Based True Bypass
  • Etched and Painted By Hand

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