Deimel Guitarworks Introduces Firestar Bass

German luthier Frank Deimel has mixed elements of several bass styles into his latest creation, the Deimel Guitarworks Firestar Bass. The long-scale bass features a figured hard rock maple neck that is fashioned after a P-Bass’s dimensions and topped with a Pau Ferro fretboard. The body is a single piece of yellow poplar.

Deimel Guitarworks Firestar Bass Front

The bass is rigged with three Lollar Thunderbird pickups as well as a piezo disc inside the body. Its controls for the pickups include a 3-way pickup selector and a slider switch to turn the middle pickup on or off. When the middle pickup is off, the 3-way toggle can select the bridge pickup, the neck pickup, or both. When the middle pickup is on, the 3-way toggle selects the neck and middle pickups, all three pickups, or just the middle and bridge pickups. The piezo also has an on/off slider switch. Finally, a third slider switch activates a low cut to get a surf or “James Bond” tone. Even with all those options, the bass’s electronics are passive.

Hardware on the Firestar Bass includes an anodized aluminum pickguard, a string-through-body Gotoh bridge, and Hipshot Ultralite tuners. It comes in six colors: saturn lavender (as seen), moon dust blue, venus fern green, desert dawn, gold and silver. Other colors or natural woods are available on request.

The Deimel Guitarworks Firestar Bass is currently in production and will be hitting the streets in September for €2,091.60 (approx. $2,761 USD), excluding German VAT. For more info, check out the Deimel Guitarworks website.

Deimel Guitarworks Firestar Bass Specs:

  • Body: One-piece Yellow Poplar
  • Neck: Figured Hard Rock Maple
  • Fretboard: Pau Ferro
  • Pickups: (3) Lollar Thunderbird Pickups, (1) Piezo Disc
  • Controls: Volume, Tone, 3-way Pickup Selector, Piezo On/Off Switch, Middle Pickup On/Off Switch, Low Cut On/Off Switch
  • Bridge: String-Through-Body Gotoh
  • Tuners: Hipshot Ultralite
  • Pickguard: Anodized Aluminum
  • Colors: Saturn Lavender (As Seen), Moon Dust Blue, Venus Fern Green, Desert Dawn, Gold and Silver
  • Hardshell Case Included
  • Custom Requests Available

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  1. Looks awesome, but I’d like to hear it before making up my mind.

  2. Looks like it would be hard to tune.

  3. what a beauty! – and great requirements to sound great!

  4. I definitely want to try this one out… Kevin Johnson, any chance we can get a loaner for review? ;)

  5. Nice, nice looking bass.

  6. Awesome bass, but once again were helping pay for those expensive habits and lifestyles….

  7. Very cool. I’d like to give one a try myself. My taste in guitars, however, far exceeds my guitar budget.

  8. Not feeling this one. Poplar is not a wood that typically has great sonic character like Mahogany, Alder, or Ash. Retro switches and knobs don’t do it for me either. Almost 3K too. There’s a lot of other basses at that price I would choose before this one.

  9. Hope sounds as good as the look and the price tag (^^^).

  10. Bridge looks cheap. Lot of money for a bass with limited intonation functions.
    I’ll pass.