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Reader Spotlight: Luke Boismier

Luke BoismierMeet Luke Boismier, a multi-instrumentalist who seems laser focused on one thing: music.

When I read the first sentence of Luke’s reader spotlight entry, I knew we had to pick him for this week’s feature. As I read more, I was even more convinced.

Luke is No Treble’s reader in the spotlight for the week of June 24, 2013.


I’m just a seventeen year old kid from Indiana who likes kittens and death metal. I got my first guitar when I was 12 and my first bass when I was 15. I like to think I can play guitar, bass, trombone and snare drum pretty much all the time. When I’m not making music, I’m listening to it or talking to someone about it. I’m in two bands with my older brother Danny who is a phenomenal guitarist. Both of our bands are currently working on full albums which we are recording ourselves.


Columbia City/Indiana/United States

Day gig:

I’m still in high school, so I’m a full time student, daydreamer, and test taker.

Years experience:

Two or three years. A guitarist for three before that.

Bands & Gigs:

I’m currently in two gigging bands. I’ll talk about Summon the Ancients first since it’s my baby. StA is my first real band. Everything I know about gigging and how to perform has so far been learned from this band. Originally supposed to be a three piece thrash group, we’ve evolved into a five piece sort of technical death metal/deathcore band. I do a lot of slap with these guys because it’s incredibly difficult to keep up with 8th and 16th notes at 250bpm for an entire set! We’ve shared the stage with bands such as The Faceless, Jeff Loomis, The Contortionist, Wretched, Chimp Spanner, Impending Doom, and Seven Horns Seven Eyes.

The other band I’m part of is called The Astria Porta. Playing in this band has been really fun, but also challenging. Everyone is a lot older than me and much more experienced with what they do, and it makes learning material an experience that never gets old. I’d describe us as… progressive space metal. I do a lot more fingerstyle in this, and I plan on acquiring a seven string and a fretless to add to the kind of experimental range and sound that we have.


  • Ibanez BTB776PB (Tuned F#-G)
  • 1980 Aria ProII (Tuned Drop C)
  • Deluxe Active Jazz Bass MIM (Tuned E Standard)
  • Tech 21 Sansamp RBI
  • Mesa Powerhouse 4×10
  • Circle K Strings
  • Planet Waves Cables
  • Strippers and Pancakes Shirt
  • 2001 Dodge Caravan in “Soccer Mom White”

Why I play the bass:

My brother was a better guitarist than me…

Seriously though, my brother and I were both asked to play in the pit orchestra for an upcoming play at our high school. We were told one of us would play guitar and the other bass. I had bought a bass from him for $50 the month before and he was a better guitarist, so I decided I would play bass.

After that I continued playing bass because I fell in love with the groove and the diversity of the instrument. Bass isn’t just for supporting a mix.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

I’m a jack of all trades. I can do anything from slap to fingerstyle to sweeping to tapping.

I should really look into being a session player.

My influences

Dan Briggs (Between the Buried and Me), Dominic ‘Forest’ Lapointe (Beyond Creation/Augury), Stanley Clarke, John Myung (Dream Theater), Evan Brewer (The Faceless/Solo), Charles Mingus, Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, Mark Michell (Scale the Summit), Scott Fernandez…

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