Poliana Magalhães: Jamiroquai’s “Runaway” Playalong

A few months ago, Marta Altesa impressed us with her play-along to Jamiroquai’s “Time Won’t Wait”.

We just heard from another impressive young bassist, Poliana Magalhães, who shared some of her videos with us. This play-along to Jamiroquai’s “Runaway” is a lot of fun.

Poliana said, “I tried not play like the original song. It’s just a simple version.”

Whatever you want to call it, we dig it.

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  1. I love the tone on that bass. Nice playing too!

  2. Cute, but she played the same thing over and over.

    • It’s not all about playing something different the entire time. She kept with the groove, made it fun to watch and listen too and had great tone. Everyone on this site is a musician right? It’s important to note that playing any instrument is not always about taking the center of attention.

  3. Cute… and she got the groove :-)

  4. Well done. She kept true to the groove of the song and yet made it her own. Very nice, love her tone.

  5. Nice- keep up the groove Poliana.

  6. killa sound (ooh wee ooh wee).

  7. I love the sound of your strings too, but if ya ever get a chance check out the sound of D’Addario the ones with the multi color wraps on the tail end. Only if ya get the chance and hafta replace a set for some odd reason. You won’t be disappointed. If you are, (hell) let me know and I will reimburse ya…(lol). Victor Wooten plays them, but I don’t know if it is the multi colored ones. Give ’em a shot if ya ever need to replace a string set. Those you have are nice. I was a GHS man for years until I went 5 string and laced it with the D’Addario multi colored wraps, and after hearing them babies, I was stuck on stupid 4 ever with the sound. take care and keep playing like ya do..