Trampled Under Foot: Love My Baby

Our friend Marsha sent us this awesome video of Trampled Under Foot performing “Love My Baby,” live on the show Kansas City After Hours.

The blues trio includes bassist Danielle Schnebelen and her siblings Kris and Nick. Danielle delivers some great lead vocals while laying down the low end.

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  1. She sounds alot like Susan Tedeshi, awsome vocals…

  2. 2 lefties….nice!

  3. That was “off the chain”!

  4. Isobel D

    Saw Trampled Under Foot (TUF) several years ago, and they were great! Danielle is an AWESOME vocalist – great voice, great feel. Go see them if you can, and help support the “real deal” blues by purchasing their albums. In an era of auto-tuned, computer-generated, interchangeably generic junk, people who still want to hear “real” music performed by talented musicians owe a debt of gratitude to Danielle and her brothers.