Kenneth Dahl Knudsen: Tucked In

In the early days of No Treble, Corey and I went to watch Oz Noy Trio at 55 Bar in New York. In the break between sets, we met Kenneth Dahl Knudsen, who was touring with his group Crash’n’burn at the time.

Four years later, he’s just completed his Master’s degree from the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark, giving him the title of “Master of Bass”, which is pretty cool. Kenneth is one of the most exciting names in Danish jazz right now.

This video, shot at his graduation concert, features his composition “Tucked In”.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful.Its hard to play that slow that well.

  2. That was astoundingly good. Those harmonies and the progression and the way trumpet managed to lead things on without being too in your face. Wow, just wow, that was 9 minutes I will experience like that again. Thank you for this piece. Can I buy this somewhere? Otherwise I’m ripping this youtube video and sticking the song on my iPhone.

  3. Wauw guys! Thank you so much. Yes the album is on iTunes, and please also check my website