Headway Music Audio Announces EDB-2 and EDM-1 Preamps

Headway Music Audio has expanded their range of acoustic preamps with the EDB-2 and EDM-1, a pair of preamps that will replace the company’s flagship EDB-1 EQ Direct Blend Preamp. Both of the new preamps are designed for acoustic instruments, including upright bass and acoustic bass guitar, and are housed in a metal chassis with belt clips, rubber feet, and threading for microphone stands.

Headway Music Audio EDB-2 PreampThe EDB-2 offers dual channels with a 5-band EQ that can be used on channel one, channel two, or both, while further tweaking can be had with a tuneable notch filter to weed out feedback and problem frequencies. Each of the inputs has a 3-way impedance switch to optimize for passive or active pickups or a microphone. The preamp also has a Range switch to tailor the frequency response to Bass, Guitar, or Violin. Other controls include a Master output, a mute switch, Gain knobs for each channel, a phase reverse switch, and a ground lift switch.

Phantom power is available on Channel 2’s mic input as well as Channel 1’s 1/4-inch input, which can be switched between Off, Ring, and Tip. The EDB-2 also has a 1/8-inch auxiliary/iPod input, which routes post EQ to the Master Volume. Its outputs are a 1/4-inch Low Impedance Line Out and a balanced XLR Line Out on the rear panel.

Headway Music Audio EDM-1 PreampThe EDM-1 is a brand new, compact version of the EDB-1 that offers a 3-Band EQ. While it sports a single channel, it shares the EDB-2’s 3-way impedance switch at the input level and phantom power abilities. Its Range control is a Hi-Pass filter with settings for several instruments. It has a single 1/4-inch output, but also comes with an XLR adapter to convert the output to a balanced DI Out. Other features include a Master Volume, a Mute switch, and a ground lift.

The Headway Music Audio EDB-2 and EDM-1 are being debuted at Summer NAMM in Nashville, with to-be-announced pricing. For more info, check out the Headway Music Audio website.

Headway Music Audio EDB-2 Preamp Details:

  • Twin channel with individual inputs & gain controls
  • 5 Band EQ assignable to Channel 1, 2 or both
  • Notch Filter assignable to Channel 1 or 2
  • Huge 0-32 dB Gain to interface with most mixers/desks etc
  • Phantom Power is assignable to either “ring”, “tip or XLR” to power virtually all instrument microphones/pickups
  • Phase Reverse assignable to each channel
  • 3 Way Input Impedance selector for each channel
  • Earth Lift Switch
  • “Range” Switch tuned for specific instruments i.e. Violin, Guitar, Bass etc
  • iPod Input for backing tracks, practice routines etc
  • Mute Switch
  • Mono, Stereo & XLR Inputs, Jack and XLR Outputs
  • Battery or Mains powered (power supply included)

Headway Music Audio EDM-1 Preamp Details:

  • 3 Band EQ
  • Tuneable “Range” Control covers all instruments
  • 9v Phantom Power assignable to “Ring” or “Tip”
  • XLR Adaptor included – Converts Output Jack to XLR Balanced DI Out
  • 3 Way Impedance selector
  • Earth Lift Switch
  • Mute Switch
  • Battery, Mains or Phantom Powered from Mixer

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