Sunnaudio Introduces Nucleus NU-1 Dual Boost Distortion Pedal

Sunnaudio NU-1 Dual Boost Distortion PedalSunnaudio has introduced the Nucleus NU-1 Dual Boost Distortion, an analog preamp designed for both bass and guitar. The pedal features a dual boost with high to low gain to go from a clean signal to full distortion.

It has independent high and low gain channels that can be toggled with a footswitch. The Hi gain channel offers up to 60dB of gain and goes from clean to “full saturated grind” while the Lo channel goes from clean to a “nice overdriven breakup.” Each channel shares a Gain knob while having its own LED knob to indicate which channel is selected. They share a tone control, as well, for boosting or cutting mids. Finally, a “focus” knob adjusts sub-harmonic frequencies to add to your bass signal.

The Sunnaudio NU-1 Dual Boost Distortion runs on a 7.5v – 12v external DC adapter or 9v battery. It carries an MSRP of $285.

Sunnaudio NU-1 Dual Boost Distortion Pedal Features:

Multi-instrument Preamp and Distortion with two Independent Volume controls, two simple and effective tone controls
One easy access Gain knob
Two switchable Gain channels: Hi-Gain and Lo Gain, which can be independently set for, level output. Each channel gets its own LED knob indicating which channel is selected.
Low gain setting range from crystal clear to overdrive while Hi-Gain starts with rich clean harmonic overdrive sounds to full distortion
“Focus” which adjusts sub-harmonic frequencies to add to your bass signal, or contour mids for your overdriven guitar sound
“Tone” for boosting or cutting mids
Two footswitches: Hi/Lo Gain & True Bypass
TRS balanced output
7.5v-12v volt DC or 9v battery

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