Miki Santamaria: Fingerstyle Bass Solo Over “Old Love”

Our Facebook friend Jeffrey Johnson suggested we check out the work of bassist Miki Santamaria, and we’re glad he did. There’s a ton to like about this bassist.

On this video, Miki showcases his soloing skills over the changes to Eric Clapton’s tune “Old Love”.

Digging the solo and the tone. The bass – a Modulus Funk Unlimited 4 – looks pretty sweet too.

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  1. Not a single bad or out of place note. This dude is one of the sickest players on the planet!

  2. Nice! It’s like he’s talking to you with his bass. That’s the way I want to solo!

  3. brilliant…love the old school tone too…very tasty.

  4. Marta’s boyfriend :o

  5. Miki, the best bassman of the world! Great music and the most important a good person!

  6. Net I polit, enorme abrazo!

  7. Thanks NO TREBLE for writing about the guy I told you about. Santamaria is NO JOKE, and a very good bass player.

  8. tone is really close to nathan east’s from his work with clapton on 24 nights.

  9. Something to say with no wanking, Well done!