Bass Lick Series: Disco Bass Groove in Gm

Here’s another quick lesson for you, this time focusing on a disco-style bass groove. As with any excercise, it is important to keep playing it without stopping until you find that groove.

Follow along with the video and this transcription (PDF). The tempo on this one is 105 bpm.

For the gear heads: I’m playing a 1966 Fender Precision bass with Dunlop nickel strings, gauge 45-105. (I dont use the Jazz bass bridge pickup, and the tone control is turned down quite a bit). I run this through a Korg Pandora PX5D headphone amp with a drum pattern, and recorded into a Zoom Q3HD (line in).

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  1. Hey Marlowe, I learn stuff by ear so I’m not really affected but when I try to check the pdf it links me to another pdf, for a Gminor slapping lesson. Just letting you know.

  2. Such a handsome bass!

  3. Is a great groove men, great job (Y)