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Pablo Elorza: Recording Fretless Bass and Getting that Jaco Tone

The last time we featured Pablo Elorza, he gave us an in-depth look at the popular Jaco Pastorius tune “Continuum”.

Our friend Sylvain Gros-Desormeaux shares this one of Pablo demonstrating how to record a fretless bass and achieve that Jaco sound.

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For more on Pablo’s Deep Into Electric Bass Classics, visit his website.

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Sweet! Great tips. Thanks a lot.

Kyth Trantham

Kyth Trantham

That may be an effective way to ‘cheat’ Jaco’s sound, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the way he did it. His description was that he split the signal with a slight delay to get the ‘chorusing’ effect.

    Pablo Elorza

    Hi Kyth! Yes, that is the way He do it live but if you listen carefully tracks like Continuum or other studio tracks from Weather Report, you will listen this kind of over dubbing.