SAM, Featuring Julie Slick, Releases Debut Album and EP

SAM (Slick-Alexius-Mennigmann): Another LifeBassist Julie Slick has teamed up with guitarist Peter Alexius and Chapman Stick player Marc Mennigmann to form SAM, a progressive-rock trio that bases all their music on improvisation. They’ve just released their first album, Another Life, and an accompanying EP entitled Yet Another Life.

“This record contains some of the essence of one week in the studio,” the band shared on their page. “In total we recorded 11 hours of improvised music and we are thrilled to present only the best moments of improvisation, intention and interaction here. Yet Another Life is [an over] 35 minutes – 5 tracks – 100% improvised EP. Every track, every melody, every groove and every note is 100% improvised, so let’s call it Progressive-Free-Jazz-Rock!”

Slick’s heavy, overdriven tone drives the songs and adds gritty edge to many of the tracks on the album and EP. Make sure to check out “The Bad & The Ugly,” an in-your-face improv jam filled with thick, nasty bass and a cool half-time drum groove that kicks it up a notch at the 1:20 mark.

Preview Another Life:

Preview Yet Another Life:

Another Life Track List:

  1. Starts With A Bang!
  2. Cosmic Microwave Oven
  3. Animal Logic
  4. Large-Scale Structure
  5. Submarines Approaching Venus
  6. The Funk, Inverted
  7. Orbit III
  8. Blueshift
  9. White Dwarf In The Virgo Cluster
  10. Gravitational Interaction
  11. Dual Core
  12. Orbit V
  13. Future Stars
  14. Carribean Skiffle
  15. The Sun The Moon And In-between
  16. The Bad & The Ugly
  17. We Had It Twice
  18. French Breakfast At The Zoo
  19. Peculiar Velocities
  20. Beyond Baryons
  21. Tea For Dolphins
  22. Dancing Fool At 6am
  23. Orbit VIII
  24. Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser
  25. Ain’t Nobody
  26. Accelerator Laboratory
  27. All The Tea In India
  28. Never Been To The Beach Before
  29. Dialog With A Homeless Chicken
  30. Private Jet To Iceland
  31. Pancake Promenade

Yet Another Life EP Track List:

  1. The Mass Of A Photon
  2. Deconstructing The Horse Of Troja
  3. Acid Attack!
  4. Higgs’ Blouson
  5. Down The Drain

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