Federico Malaman: “Do I Do” Bass Cover

Federico Malaman just nails these all bass covers. Here’s a new one from him, performing his take on Stevie Wonder’s “Do I Do”.

Federico is playing his Laurus bass through an MXR M82 Bass Envelope Filter and a Boss RC3 Loop Station.

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  1. yeah. that’s all I can say. speechless at this point.

  2. Side note, that looks like the bass player from Vintage Trouble on the wall ad behind him. Great band!

  3. hell yeah! great groove! His soloing made me gasping for some air at some point. soooooo many notes without breath. but fuck yeah, that’s the way you should do it from time to time! great player! I dig it!

  4. “Band…..we don’t need no stinking band!” Wow! That guy is amazing!

  5. I wanna play like that!

  6. Incredible playing…makes it look so easy….

  7. Federcio NEVER ceases to amaze :)