Fernando Lamadrid: Mollete Express

I’d never heard bassist Fernando Lamadrid until Flemming shared a video of the The Mencial Project last month.

It knocked me out, and so did this one.

Here’s Fernando with drummer Rick Arencibia doing their thing in the studio. The tune is “Mollete Express.”

[Editor’s note: after the huge response we received from this video, Stuart Clayton decided to share the transcription. Get it here.]

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  1. I see lots of inpiration on here. Awesome!

  2. I can hear lots of victor wooten in the playing especially at 2:06.

  3. That’s kool guys.

  4. If someone is interested, that bass is a hand made custom model from Marin Cano guitars in Ibiza.

  5. Fernando’s simply phenomenal. I’ve heard him before and I was amazed. Whenever I hear a virtuoso like that I always wonder why aren’t they world-famous…

  6. IMHO I find much more musicality on this guy’s playing than in wooten’s… I’ve watched most of his videos and he’s become a huge influence on my own playing. Hala LaMadrid! :p

  7. Awesome range of techniques, flavors!

  8. kenzillathor

    one word… talented