Michael Manring and de Mania: Paint It Black

In 2006, Michael Manring tookt the stage with de Mania at the XXII Festival de México in Mexico City. The trio’s name is a combo of its members names: guitarist Alex de Grassi, Manring and percussionist Christopher Garcia.

Here’s the group performing their take on the Rolling Stones tune, “Paint It Black”.

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  1. Mr. Manring, amazing… as always!

  2. This is a brilliant and innovative interpretation of this song. The bass work is really impressive, but so is the guitar-work and percussion. Excellent job all around.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I much prefer it to the vids of people playing along with other people’s previously recorded bass parts.

  4. what kind of bass is that?

  5. this is great…love this… its a classic!:)

  6. Yeah that looks like Manring’s Zon (or one of them), but what’s up with that 16-peg, 6-string guitar? Sure sounds gorgeous, whatever it is. And oh yeah I agree all these guys can flat out play.