Miguel Ramirez and Four Basses: “Waves Under the Sand”

Miguel Ramirez’s “Waves Under the Sand” is an incredible showcase of writing and performance by the bassist. The tune includes four different bass tracks performed by Miguel and offers up a full range of sounds and styles.


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  1. Miguel, I just watched this video. Then I watched it again. Your skills are incredible, but what makes it stand out for me is the phrasing and melody. I know a lot of great technicians, but your music makes me smile. That’s how I know it’s great! Bravo!

  2. Beautiful song. Well written, and performed!

  3. It’s wonderful, Miguel. Truly wonderful.

  4. What a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing your blessings with the world.

  5. has anybody figured out the range of his string gauges yet? this is a dope set up.

  6. Great start…amazing clean work…so proud of you Migue!