Zander Zon: Imagine Dragons “Radioactive” Solo Bass Arrangement

Once again, Zander Zon turns in an amazing solo bass performance. This time around, he takes on Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive”. The original blends rock, electronic music and dubstep.

Zander makes it all about the bass.

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  1. This man is magnificent.

  2. Thanks a lot for the sharing this, Corey!

  3. Great work. A fine arrangement fantastically executed. Keep flying the bass flag, brother!

  4. GREAT! How much do u practice every day man? ;)

  5. superb arrangement and a magnificent showcase of talent! keep it up bro! :-bd

  6. This is killer man, great job!

  7. Truelly amazing! Great job man, it’s awesome!

  8. I really like this a lot :)

    Edit: I like it way better than the original one.

  9. Amazing, so much better than the original version!

  10. you are super talented! awesome techniques and sound!

  11. My mind is all over the walls.

  12. Very nice! It make want a piccolo bass again!

  13. Loved it. What’s the tuning?

  14. fantastic skills u got there man! what’s the tuning on the bass? thanks!

  15. Very nice! Great arrangement, fantastic playing and nicely edited enjoyable video, too.

  16. That’s not a bass that’s a 4 string guitar…..

  17. you are the best man! Abraços from Brazil.

  18. Well played Zander, Lovely arrangement and performance.

  19. this really inspired me to work my ass off and get better haha. sick cover, loved it.

  20. …I LOVE IT… in today’s world of mega “hype” here is truly an “ARTIST”….

  21. Beautiful… just beautiful.

    I envy your creativity in arrangement and voicing.

  22. man I need to practice more!

  23. wow…. I am speechless and don’t have words for it… just amazing (like always).

  24. what wood is the body made out of?

  25. *puts down bass* Whelp, that’s it! I quit!

  26. Amazing job, keep listening again.

  27. Awesome, lovin the harmonics.

  28. Any chance of a transcription? I’d love to learn this.