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Marta Altesa: Bass & Drum Cover of Jamiroquai’s “Little L”

Marta Altesa knocked everyone out with the first two videos we featured, thanks to some incredible bass playing that would seem to go way beyond her few short years of experience.

Marta is raising the bar yet again, taking on another Jamiroquai tune and this time covering both the bass and drum parts. She gets a cool tone out of her bass, thanks to an Electro Harmonix Q-Tron envelope filter.

“No, I can’t play drums & I’m aware of it! But it’s fun,” Marta shared. “I’ve played them a few times lately and so far this is the best I can get. There are many timing mistakes (in both bass & drum parts) and probably I don’t even hold the sticks properly… hahah I’m gonna regret uploading this!”

We doubt it, Marta.